Sling it APP

New APP Software for iPhone

New APP Software streams your content and video to iPhone.

It’s Software, for iPhone, for iPad, for iTouch, and for other mobile devices, as well. It’s called the “SlingItApp”.

We knew it was coming!  The “Spy on the Fly” was bound to happen.  It’s the here and now!  And thus, goes the evolution of technology.

Even the computer has run its course – From PC to laptop, to Notebook, to iTouch, to iPhone and to iPad.  Don’t get me wrong, the PC will still be around for a while, but the change is happening.  Slowly but surely, that change is taking place right before our eyes.

The “ Facebook – Game Players”, the “Twitter-Tweeters, the “ iPhone- Look while Walking Crowd”, the “Text not Talk” Age is the here and now and it’s not going away.

Our generation is changing, just as the generation before us lived and saw all the changes in technology. Why many of our seniors still remember the good old days when they rode a horse and wagon into town.   We are facing our own “reality check” of technological evolution, so we may as well get used to learning something new, just to keep up.  So, let’s get to it!

There is a new iPhone APP Software called “SlingItApp”. The software allows you to stream your content and video on to your customers’ iPhones and mobile devices.  You give away the software free to your customers.  (What a savvy, professional business person you are and how techie!)  Your mobile customer can now see your offerings, your advertisements, your video presentations, anywhere in the world that has EDGE, 3G, or WiFi access.  You no longer have to chain your customer to the PC to get your message (product offerings) to them.

Send video, audio, even your eBooks via the “SlingItApp”. This is an evolution, a new way of doing business.   The beauty of the software is that you have total control.  You can manage your media for as many campaigns and for as many products as you would like.   You can upload and arrange PDF, eBooks, mp3 Audio Files, and video files with ease.  Your files are hosted and stored on Amazon Web Services S3 Medial cloud fronts for lightning fast delivery.  Your customers consume it “on the go” similar to Netflix streaming movies.

The new “SlingItApp” will change the way that we do business.  New technology takes just one small leap forward and we are all jumping over each other trying to keep up with it.  But keep up with it, we must, that is if we want to stay ahead of our competitors and not get left behind.  With the economy the way that it is currently, we must all re-evaluate our way of doing business or become extinct like the dinosaurs.  Survival is eminent in this ever changing evolution of technology. So, let’s get to it!

Wanda Mills

Enterprises by WJ, LLC

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The “SlingItApp” is great for businesses that sell via the internet and want to reach those mobile consumers.  For a free demo visit our website at:

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