Secrets of Highly Productive Producers – Part II

This blog is continued from Part I of ‘Secrets of Highly Productive Producers’.

Batter’s Box Warmup to be Productive

Like the baseball players warm up by swinging heavy bats before they step up to the plate, you must ingest high level training or reading from some of the great masters before you begin your online business. Read books or listen to audios of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer, Jeffrey Combs, Zig Zigler or Jim Rohn. Listen to high energy music before you write your daily blog or have some audio playing in the background while you are doing your exercise or other routines when you don’t need your full concentration. You will be amazed at what you pick up just by passively listening to the ‘Great Masters’.

Easy Way to not be Productive

Never, ever check your email or Facebook before you finish some kind of money making or producing action because it will distract you and turn you away from that upbeat start that started your day. You might get turned away from your productive mode to go to solve some other problem.

If something is the next step to big money do that first! No Facebooking, email, watching training or web surfing until the important stuff is done! Get a daily dose of new technology understanding. Face your weaknesses, look them square in the eye and conquer them. Dive deeply into new paid marketing strategies, new autoresponder tricks, webinars or other videos every day. Send messages to your list every day teaching them something. The idea here is that webinars, training and facebook skills eventually sell stuff and if you are teaching your list you become more productive by duplication.

Productivity requires you to Automate

Email Autoresponse – Set up your email so that you are not disturbed while creating your content or doing your daily marketing. Tell the person that ‘You are important to me and deserve fast service. If you are an existing team member, you are my top priority, call me direct at 612-537-0000. If you have questions about partnering with me be sure to fully review this video at: and them give me a call at 612-537-0000.

Turn Off Your Phone – Let it go to Voicemail, after all that is why you have voicemail. Calls during productive time do nothing but interrupt your thought and creative process. Literally, TURN OFF the PHONE! Set up your voice mail with something like this: Hey, this is Your Name, and thanks for calling. Your call is important to me and I will be returning calls at (name an hour here) EST. If you are calling about XYZ company, be sure to watch the video at so that we can have a productive discussion when I call back. Talk soon! Whatever you do when you call back don’t sell your business over the phone let the video do the talking. Ask questions like: What did you like about the video that you saw? Why do you want to start an internet business? Have you had any experience with other companies? Are you ready to get started?

Plug in and Plug Out – Business is business and family is family…give the appropriate attention to each and you will have a balanced life. Separate the two. No kids while doing business and no business when playing with the kids. You can not be productive if you are constantly interrupted and likewise you can not give to your family the time they deserve if you are always answering phone calls or putting out fires. Plug out of business 100% when with the family. Don’t watch TV and Facebooking is not work! Keep that in mind when trying to be productive.

Productivity requires keeping good acquaintances

Attitude is contagious – Deserve the time of a super-achiever. You are who you hang out with. So if you want to be a super-achiever then hang out with those types of people. You don’t necessarily need to be in the same neighborhood. We hangout on Google+. There is so much that you can absorb with these hangout groups than you can ever imagine. Last time we were on for about four hours.

Partner Up and Barter – Ditch the Virtual Assistant and find someone that is like minded on your list to assist you with tedious stuff that you don’t like to do. You can exchange doing stuff like web design, blog writing, articles, videos or other stuff that you don’t want to learn to do. Someone else may just have the experience in those areas and you could perhaps trade content that you have created.

Set Goals and Create Routines to achieve Productive Producer status

Set Goals – Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Focus on outcomes that you want to achieve. Stuff like 100 leads per day, generate at least $10 per lead, or I want to make $5,000 per month in residual income could be some of your intended goals. Put long term goals on your wall and break them down into short term goals that you must do on a daily basis.

Create Routines – This will create daily habits. Work for 50 minutes and unplug for 10 minutes. While unplugged, drink water or get some fresh air that way you will be refreshed when you go back to your tasks. Every 2 to 3 hours break for 30 minutes. Write down your routine and have it in front of you while you work. Get a timer and use it for this. Separate what you are doing. During this hour I will write my article or blog, during this hour I will shoot a video, during this hour I will post my blog to social media sites, etc. Break out each and set a time limit.
Batch your time in 1 hour increments. Separate training and income generating activities. Do schedule for work time and family time. 80% of your day should be income generating activities.
Hopefully, you have gained some tips to become the productive person in your internet business that you were meant to be and if this has given you some value, please share with friends on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google +. Thanks!

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