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Niche Marketing – Finding the Right Product to Sell

Finding the right product or Niche is the first step to getting started in internet marketing.  You have to decide on a product to sell before you can do anything else.  A little brainstorming session with yourself, your spouse, or just your best friend will help to get those creative juices flowing and the possible ideas put down on paper.

The best thing to keep in mind is the end goal.  Remember we are trying to find a product or service that you, yourself might use or that a family member would purchase. This is the best indicator for a potential product choice.  The key question to making this decision is this:  Is there a “Hungry Buyer’s Market” for this product or service? Don’t limit yourself to just one product at this point, you need to find about 10 and we can eliminate those that have no market potential.

Begin by throwing out ideas. At this early start in your internet marketing, there are no good or bad ideas; there are only ideas.  Break each idea apart; add different components.  To give you an example, maybe you have decided to choose dogs, or anything to do with dogs as a niche.  Think about all things “dogs”.  Combine ideas together, follow one idea to another, and you can come up with hundreds of possible market ideas.  Dogs plus training, would give you a niche of dog training website.  Dogs plus training, plus older dogs, would give you another niche.  Dogs plus Golden Retriever would give you another, and so on.  You get the idea!

It is much harder to create a product to sell when you know nothing about the target product. You have to do more research and reading to convince a consumer that you are knowledgeable enough about what you are selling, to convince them to purchase.  So my initial suggestion is to think of a niche that is closer to your knowledge. It is not impossible to market a product that you know nothing about but it is easier for the first one to have an interest in the product or have some connection to it. Look at your surroundings.  Look at everything and anything as a potential product.

Once you find a niche, there are hundreds of ways to sell to the internet consumers.  Let’s say that you decided your niche is about dog training.  You could sell an eBook about training your dog.  You could sell products that help to train a dog. Start thinking in terms of “How to” with any niche that you choose.  How to train your dog.  How to use xyz product to train your dog.  How to train your dog to roll over.  How to train your dog to stop barking.  How to potty train your dog.  Do this with your niche and you will discover all the possibilities for potential products.

Wanda Mills

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