Merry Christmas – From My Home to Yours!

Jesus Mary and JosephChristmas means many things to different people. To some it means Santa Claus is coming to bring them presents that he puts under the tree after they go to sleep on Christmas Eve.

To others it means sharing gifts with those they love. Some just enjoy the get-together with the other family members as it is a chance to catch up on all that has happened over the past year. Other people enjoy the parties and the food and drink with their friends.

For many, this is a sad time, a time of regret and loneliness. It’s a time to reflect the past years happenings some with sadness and remorse. Some may be of different faiths and just enjoy this season of peace, and goodwill toward men.

There are also a few who would ban Christmas altogether from every hall and town square. Some may not be of the Christian faith but I wish them the hope, peace and love that the Christ Child brings each year to people of all faiths.

For me, it’s a time to celebrate the greatest event that has ever happened to mankind, the birth of Our Savior who is Christ the Lord. And it is true, that I, too, have been negligent in my preparations for the celebration of His birth. I, too, have been busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Business, preparations for the day’s celebration, shopping, gift wrapping, decorating, cleaning and preparing the house for Christmas day has been the job at hand. But all in all, I have been preparing these things out of love for my family so that they can enjoy the day of His birth.

So at this time, I would like to share with you this beautiful video that I came across and ask that perhaps, you too, can take a minute from all the preparations and spend just a few minutes to reflect on how great a gift we have all received in the most wondrous birth of Jesus Christ.

May God grant you the Peace, Joy and Love of Christmas in your homes and your hearts!

Merry Christmas!

Wanda Mills

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