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Internet Marketing ToolListed below are products that I pay for and actually use in my business. I don’t recommend any products that I do not use myself for an internet marketing tool.

These can be a great passive income stream for you. Think about it, people pay for tools that they don’t even use. So why not use them and make a passive income from these at the same time.
Go ahead and purchase the ones that you need for your business and then add them to your marketing funnels.

My Top Two Internet Marketing Tools

Viral Blogging SystemEmpower Network – Empower is the coolest internet marketing  tool that I have ever seen yet! You can leverage the super powerful top blogging system that gets over 3 million hits per month by posting your blog to it on a daily basis. Your affiliate link is embedded within this system that pays out 100% commissions! You can’t beat the value you get at only $25/mo…This is my top recommended internet marketing tool right now. Feel Free to Grab your membership today! (One ‘All In’ Sale is $4,625 where you get 100% commissions)

Web Hosting, Auto Responder & More   GVO – Web Hosting, Auto Responder, Video Hosting, Blog Builder and More! Also included are Web Conferencing, Prospecting System and Training on how to use it all with their GVO Academy. This one is reasonably priced internet marketing tool compared to aWeber.

Other Great Tools for Internet Marketing


Social Bookmarking AutomationSocial Monkee
I prefer this over TribePro (less expensive) because this is the easiest bookmarking internet marketing tool around. No need to setup Onlywire, social media sites or anything. Just get an account, submit your blog links and get backlinks! It’s that easy!  What a great internet marketing tool for your arsenal.

Sales Funnel All Set Up for YouEZ Money Method – This sales funnel includes our current products of MyPCBackUp, Empower Network, and Motor Club of America (MCA). We will be adding additional products in the future. MyPCBackUp is a free download that pay $50 per sale (there are several options for the customer to purchase a more robust package). Empower Network is described above and MCA is a towing service like AAA that includes additional coverage for emergency room visits, bail bond coverage and more. Sales bring in between $40 to $80 in commissions depending on the package purchased.

The sales funnel is tied into each of the products that are presented to your opt-in customers through follow up email system. Plus there is a great daily training program connected with this one that is so valuable as an internet marketing tool. The best thing is that the training is free (Guys, I have paid $2,000 for training like this!) You cannot go wrong here!

Pay For Your Advertising With AdvertisingBanners Broker – Their Motto is ‘The Place Where Everybody Makes Money’. I use Banners Broker to pay for my other advertising. We all need to do a little paid advertising for our businesses and Banners Broker will not disappoint you! It is a little bit hard to get your head around how this product works but the best way for me to describe it is that we are pre-paying for advertising that is sold to the general public at a higher price. Thus we share in the commissions with the broker. The website doesn’t do a good job of explaining the program but we have a Facebook group where you can get all the help that you need. (I have made $2,614.30 from the end of July 2012 to end of Oct. 2012) This works, get in now!

That’s what I have for you right now. I always use the top of the line internet marketing tools that come out so visit this page often as I will be updating this area when new and improved marketing tools hit the web. I am always on the lookout for what works best! Thanks for visiting!

To your success,

Wanda Mills
Enterprises by WJ, LLC

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