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Email Marketing – What is Email Marketing?

If you have been marketing on the internet for any length of time, you certainly have heard the expression; The Money is in the List. Internet marketing takes on many forms, from affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, direct sales marketing, pay-per-view marketing, and, of course, email marketing. Savvy internet marketers know that they can market to their subscribers again and again to reach their monetary objectives. But there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to marketing via email. Let’s go over just a few here so that you don’t get accused of the dreaded SPAM and get a hefty fine lodged at your business.
Internet Marketers use email as a direct form of internet marketing. Emails are sent to potential customers who have subscribed through an opt in form. Usually these subscribers have opted to leave their name and email address to the company offering something of value to the consumer. Most internet marketers promise to send the customer (the opt in) some form of information or a Free Offer, such as an eBook, a down load of some sort, or a Free CD to encourage the customer to join their mailing list. This is done to gain the trust of the customer by disclosing relevant information and to help them to make good purchasing decisions. It also enhances the relationship with a current customer, by repeating business with them. This is known as email marketing.

What Are The Advantages Of Email Marketing?

One major advantage of email marketing is that it doesn’t consume a lot of time. Your email can be pre-programmed into an auto responder so that the periodic message to the subscriber is sent on a specific date. The nice part of this is that it is very cost effective. You are able to email a large audience within a short amount of time. The auto responder that you choose enables you to keep track of subscriptions, bounced messages, web bugs, and click through rates to track your subscriber’s habits. Since the customers can be directly reached, feedbacks can be collected with ease. In terms of cost, it is very inexpensive, roughly about $19 per month, at the time of this writing. Reports have proven that this is the next best marketing technique after search engine optimization marketing methods.

What Happens When The Customer Fills Out The Opt-In Form?

When the customer fills the form for the first time, there are check boxes to be ticked which reflects their interests. Depending on these choices, an advertiser sends information to them, this is known as opt-in-email advertising, because the customer has opted to receive emails and marketing like this isn’t illegal. The content of the email can be elaborate, but it shouldn’t be too long as people are really too busy for that. The call to action, also known as effective words, in the email should be chosen with care. It’s not necessary that the content should revolve around only one item; related products information can also be included. This is known as cross selling. By using email blasting or sending an email to multiple customers at a time you can save loads of time and this will also increase your efficiency.

What Do You Want To Avoid When Marketing By Email?

The dark side of email marketing is called spamming or also known as bulking. Some companies collect the email addresses of people illegally and send irrelevant email offers or advertisements to them, which can be very annoying. Some hackers design an email like an advertisement. When clicked on, downloads can actually be adware or viruses that can destroy a computer. There are many laws against spamming like the United States ‘Can-Spam Act’ (, and ‘Europe’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations’ ( According to these laws, there should not be any false or According to these laws, there should not be any false or misleading headers or subject lines, identify your message as an ad, give your correct postal mailing address and include a one-click unsubscribe link in your email, with prompt compliance on the part of the business for all opt out subscribers. Your website could be black-listed or your business can be heavily fined, such as $16,000 per spam.

Email Marketing Is A Great Way To Increase Your Bottom Line.

Email marketing has some great advantages, such as being very cost effective, requires little attention once you have your auto responder set up which can automatically send the messages to your subscribers on a pre determined date, can increase your revenue by selling additional back end products to your list, and can actually increase your relationship with your subscribers. Careful use of this form of marketing can be very lucrative to your bottom line. Use the information wisely.

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