Freeing Friday –Have You Been Conditioned to Failure?

conditioned to failureWe have all been conditioned from the time of our first awareness of our own little fingers and toes up until the present day about how to act and behave according to our parents, relatives and peers.  In addition to family and friends, the schools and colleges that we have attended also instruct us to conform and fall in line with what the current establishment deems as today’s norms.

This is a good thing as we need to have order and structure in our formative years and it is fitting for society to have well adjusted and well behaved, good citizens.  But there is something wrong with the current schools that indoctrinate children into becoming only mediocre.  They teach them to have what I would call the “herd mentality”.  Most of you know what I am talking about.  It’s that mentality that says we all have to think about something or some event in a certain way unless we want to be shunned or embarrassed into falling in line.  We cannot be better than the lowest guy in the classroom because after all we don’t want to ruin his self esteem about failing the grade.

The one thing that I wanted to convey to people concerns what this does to someone who desires to become an entrepreneur.  Basically this stifles that person from being the best that they can be. It stifles imagination as well as innovation and thus stifles growth and achievement in the world.

What we need to do is de-program ourselves so that we don’t have those self-limiting beliefs to success that have been taught to us.  If Uncle Joe says that you are foolish for getting involved in all those “scams” then you need to stay away from Uncle Joe because he is not helping you to become the entrepreneur that you had hoped and dreamed about.

If your wife or husband does not understand what you are trying to accomplish then take them to the next conference with you so they can see firsthand what it is all about.   If you are saying to yourself “I can’t” flip that around and say “I can”.  If you are saying that you just cannot afford this instead say to yourself “how can I afford this”.  You need to do some self talk and reprogram your way of thinking so that you are not getting in your own way to making your home business a wonderful, dream fulfilling success.

We don’t have to know the whole picture before we take action on our internet marketing business. It’s not what you know because you can have all the training in the world but if you don’t implement what you know it’s useless.  Execute what you know!  Here’s some help:

Freeing Friday tidbit:

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. ~Bruce Lee~

The message is this; don’t worry about knowing everything or every technique just learn to utilize one to the best of your ability.  Choose one marketing technique and learn everything about how to use it.  Focus, Focus and Focus some more.  This is the one thing that will help you to reach higher heights.  This is the one thing that will give you your breakthrough!  This will help you FREE yourself to live the lifestyle that you desire, want and need in your life.

Now go forward and free yourself with that one thing.  You will be amazed at what that will do for your business and how it will free you from your own limiting beliefs to become the successful marketer that you had envisioned.

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