Enjoying Your Family While Making Money

ClaireThere are many benefits in working your home based business.  One of the ones that I enjoy the most is being flexible enough to help out with all of the little bumps and curves that life throws at everyone.  You know, the car broke down and someone needs to borrow the car for the day so they can go to their nine to five job.

There are other benefits to working from home such as when you get 12 inches of snow the night before and you cannot get out of the driveway without pulling out the shovel and snow blower.  And while others are struggling to shovel the driveway before they can even get out to their daily grind, you can sit in your cozy warm home do your daily blogging and marketing, wait until it stops snowing and snow blow that driveway at your earliest convenience

I got the privilege and joy of being able to watch my five month old granddaughter, Claire.  My son and daughter-in-law both work so Claire is usually in daycare.  The daycare provider had to take the day off and they were both scurrying around to find care for the baby.   This is something new for them as this is their first baby.  Well because I don’t have a ‘real job’ they decided to call and I immediately accepted the job.

Now, I usually don’t get up until 9:00 AM so getting up at 5:45 AM so I can shower and be out of the door by 6:30 AM is quite a chore for me.  But I arrived in time for my son to head off to work and to get the routine orders for the day.  My Claire was happily playing under the jungle gym when I arrived.  She is now about 6 months old and it has been at least 21 years since my last encounter with such a small baby for a day.Claire

She smiles; she says ‘Da Da Da’ and is quite content sitting in her bouncing lounge chair after her mid morning bottle.  What a joy to watch and quite a joy to remember my own children at that age.  I guess it’s really true that they say grandparents have it best.  They can enjoy the children while not really having the day to day responsibilities or the worry and care when they are sick.  I am enjoying this beautiful little girl.

Thank God for my home based business that allows me to watch my granddaughter, enjoy her happy, chattering and her smiling face. I can sneak away and write my daily blog while watching her play.   I truly feel blessed to be able to do this and you can too.  Just think, if you are a mom you can stay at home with your children and make money with your home business.  If you have a disability, you can stay at home and work when you are feeling up to it.  If you just want to enjoy a free lifestyle both you and your husband can work from home and enjoy taking off to some exotic vacation spot on the spur of the moment.  It doesn’t get any better than this and we have the right training for you at the right time.  This is what we have to offer you below, join us now and enjoy your life even with all the bumps and curves that life throws at you.

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