Consistency – How It Can Change Your Life and Your Home Business

ConsistencyThose of you who are not Gurus and don’t have a massive list to market to may want to use the advice of taking massive action.  You may ask why?  The answer is simple, it’s because these everyday consistent actions will get you on the leaderboards for all of your companies that you are promoting.

You know what it means to be on the leaderboards, right; being on the leaderboards means that you are making lots of money.

The key is to take massive action on a Consistent basis.  You would not just do a week’s worth of work and expect to see some changes in your leads and sales. You need to take this consistent action of doing the daily assignments, writing your blogs, syndicating your blogs, posting your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites, buying paid traffic either with solo ads, pay per click or some other banner ad promotion.

Posting your blogs in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin will get you noticed on the social media sites.  You also need to post in groups, add friends to your social media sites on a daily basis and chat with people you have befriended as well as attend all the training and the Hangout calls. (BTW, this is what we teach you how to do in our Prosperity Team Training, click the link below and join!)

Consistent Massive Action is what is needed to get you moving to that six and seven figure monthly income that allows you the freedom that you so desire and raises you to the same level as ‘Guru’!

If you are looking for a team of successful marketers who will show you the ropes then look no further.  Join us below.  You will love our group and be so glad to find such a helpful crowd of people who are making the money that you want to make.

Below is a snap shot of our Leaderboard at Empower Network.  Some of these leaders are Gurus meaning that they have been promoting products online for a long time.  Many of these other leaders are just ordinary people like me and you who have taken massive action on a daily consistent basis and have succeeded.  You can do the same, join with the link below!


(Notice all of the Prosperity Team members on the board…quite impressive…join us below!)

Massive Consistent Action Takers Only…Click Here!

We are here to help you get into the mode of ‘massive consistent’ action with our Prosperity team training.

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Prosperity Team Benefits that you can plug into:

Live Prosperity Team Coaching Mastermind – Monday-Friday

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10k per month Daily Action Assignments

Prosperity Team Training Site – Step By Step Tutorials

Prosperity Team Facebook Mastermind

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And Most Importantly A Partnership with Top Internet Marketers, Offline Marketers, 6 & 7 Figure Income Earners!

All for less than it would cost for ordering pizza for the family 1 night!


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Today’s assignment: Blog about today’s topic above.

Post Your Blog to Your Email AutoResponder (If you don’t have one here is the link)

Post your blog on the Facebook wall, pages and groups that you have joined related to MLM, internet marketing, or home business.

Post your blog to and also to Linkedin Groups

Post your blog to Pinterest

Post your blog to Google +

Post your blog to Twitter


For SEO ready blogs do these also:

Post your blog to

Post your blog to

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