Dream Weaving – Make Dreams Become Reality


Dream Weaving

This is what I call Dream Weaving or make dreams a reality!  We have all seen the movie, ‘The Secret’, right?  It’s true the Secret is something within you already.  The problem is how do we make those dreams our reality?

No matter what anybody’s told you in your life…

YOU have the power to create new things in your life.

YOU have the power to create new dreams and make dreams a reality.

YOU have the power to affect reality.

YOU have the power to change the energy of the people around you.

YOU have the power to have dreams that you cast in the world that change millions or billions of people.

And YOU are about to discover the 7 KEYS to gaining and CONTROLLING this power to make your dreams a reality, NOW.

You ready?

Watch this right now



Self-Sabotage – Is it Holding You Back?

Without even realizing it, most people are doing this! Self-Sabotage!

I would not have recognized it in myself (let alone anyone else) had it
not been for the video that I just watched this morning.

Have you ever tried to become GREAT at something?

… only to remain average… watching everyone else around you grow and thrive?

Do you try and try and try at your business…

… only to be left without any real results?

Would you earn more money if you ‘could’?

… But for some reason you keep getting ‘stuck’?

Did you answer YES to at least one of these?

If so, you will definitely benefit from today’s episode.

Watch now: (only if you want to finally breakthrough that is)…


I want to make sure that you really pay attention, take notes, and memorize what he’s saying because today is the first day of the rest of your life, and you can experience an amazing change today.

You’ve been Lied to…about obstacles!

And here’s some truth for you.

If you’re stuck at a certain income.

If you’re not making sales in your online business.

If you’re not recruiting reps into your network marketing deal.

If you’re not getting the firework-inducing love and affection you desire at home.

AND you EXPECT it to turn around for you in ONE MOMENT?

You’ve been LIED to.


Everyone is looking for the ONE magic moment where the skies open up and Angels sing in glorious harmony.

And when this doesn’t happen?

You get depressed, start looking for a quick fixes (new jobs, new deals to promote, new marketing strategies… even a new spouse if you let it go far enough)…

And it’s ok… and it’s not your fault.

Society has LIED to you about BIG BREAKTHROUGHS.

And today I want to hand you the truth.

This is something even more powerful than a BIG breakthrough…

… because it lasts.

=> This is 100X more powerful than ONE BIG breakthrough http://www.empowernetwork.com/dailyshow/Episode-153-Reality-check-What-is-a-Breakthrough?id=millswj

I can say with confidence this is the most important thing you’ll read, listen and watch all year.

=> Watch now: The Truth Awaits… http://www.empowernetwork.com/dailyshow/Episode-153-Reality-check-What-is-a-Breakthrough?id=millswj

See you inside,

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It’s called the Next Level Mastermind, and if you’re a member, you already have access.

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=> Watch today’s episode, HERE


Total Shortcut – #makemoneyonline

Total Shortcut

The Right System to Sell Your Product

Right System to Sell your Product

Right System to Sell your Product

Once you choose the right product to sell, you need the right system to sell your product.  There are so many avenues for selling online but it’s critical to have a system in place so that it makes your selling process go smoothly.  An automated online system is best.  This system should help you generate leads, sell the product and walk someone through purchasing.

The Right System to Sell your Product should offer you a great incentive plan such as long term benefits like lifetime bonuses  for future financial security.  So that we can work hard for a short time and get paid for a lifetime.  You also need a system where they have a community of people who are selling just like you, where you can get answers to your questions from other team members as you need them.  Many times we depend solely on our sponsor who might be busy working hard and unable to answer your questions right away.  With the community of people we have like-minded people who collectively have the answers to questions.

The Right System to Sell your Product should make selling easier.

Once you have the right system to sell your product, you will want to be able to make as much money as possible like with a double your commissions offer.  Why work hard for a small amount of money when you can work the same amount of time and earn double your commissions.  Plus the Right Product to Sell should be a high ticket item!  Do you know that just because a product is a high ticket item does not mean it won’t sell…the right product will get you sales if it’s timed correctly, and something that everyone needs or wants.  Just look at the smart phones, the new version of the smart phones get sales once they are launched and many people pre-order their phones.

To sell your product with the right system to sell should have training for you to get started right away.  There is nothing like purchasing a product that you want to sell online and not knowing what to do.  The right system to sell your product will train you step by step on what you are to do next.  Most companies don’t really have a comprehensive training and lead capturing system the they will give you for free.  Usually they require a monthly fee for cookie cutter websites that will not get any attention online because your website will be one out of tens of thousands just like it.

Marketing Training Should be Included in the Right System to Sell Your Product

Marketing training is essential for a person to be able to sell their products online.  If you know nothing about marketing you will need experienced marketers who have put together systems that will make this education on how to sell online a but easier.  The right system to sell your product should include social media training, email marketing, buying traffic and contacting other leaders in the industry who may be interested in your product.

The right system to sell your product is here with the Power Life Pro System.

Join our team of professionals will show you how to market online with a product that is trending right now!

Here is the link to join and I hope to see you on the other side!


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotosdotnet

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills


Grand New Adventure with the Right Product to Sell

right product to sell

Grand New Adventure with the Right Product to Sell


Have you ever dreamed of going on a new adventure? (Clue: Right Product to Sell) Perhaps it’s a vacation or a trip to somewhere new that has you inspired and you dare to dream a new dream.  That dream gives you new life and renewed hope.  But something stopped you!  Maybe it was just the demands of the job or even the family responsibilities.  And you stuff that dream way back there in your mind and think well maybe some day.

What if, you had a way and an out from the things that were holding you back?

There surely is no way to get around family responsibilities!  It’s your duty to your family whether it’s your children or an aging parent.  But there are always other family members who can help care for the kids if you and your spouse want to go somewhere exotic, somewhere tropical that has a beach and a Tiki Bar where you can get the umbrella drinks that are ice cold and sink your feet into some hot white sand.  Surely someone could watch the kids while you get away for some rest and relaxation!  As far as the aging parents, brothers and sisters have a responsibility there as well.  There are also senior care facilities that you could look into that would possibly take on the care-giving while you are away.

So now that we have the kids and the parents taken care of, what else could be holding you back?

Oh, yes…the money!

But what if there was a way for you to make some extra money?

I know, you have a bazillion people bombarding you on a daily basis…buy this, buy that; and you will make a million dollars!

I cannot promise you the million dollars, but it’s possible.

Do you really want to know the first thing that you need to make money online?

 It’s the right product to sell!

You need a unique product, something new for the right product to sell.  The lotions, potions and pills have been around forever!  I’ve sold some of these myself…lol  But seriously, people are always interested in hearing about something new on the market.  Think about the new phones that come out each year how people are lined up to purchase them.  They all want the newest, the biggest and the best and they want to be the first one of all their friends to own one.  But how about a totally new product?  Something that hasn’t been sold in this country until recently.  Something that is a bit of a new trend.

You need a product that everyone uses on a daily basis for your right product to sell.  Products are great if someone uses the product often and much better if someone uses the product everyday and in a variety of different ways.

You need something that has mass appeal.  The one thing about a new product line is identifying your target market.  Who will be using this product?  If the answer is everyone, then all I have to say is “Wowza!”  The  number of people living on this planet is 7 Billion!  7 Billion potential customers…that sounds like just about everyone you know and even those you don’t know.

You need something good for the environment.  Instead of trashing up the landfills, why not have a right product to sell that helps alleviate the problem. This has mass appeal to people who care about having a clean planet for their children and their legacy forward.

The Right Product to Sell should include:

You need it to be healthy for the body. Today’s average Joe is concerned about everything healthy which includes the food they eat.  How many illnesses and diseases have been linked to pesticides, GMOs, BPAs and processed foods?  Food additives have wreaked havoc on our health.  But what if there was a product that was healthy for our bodies?

You need replenishing and revitalizing.  Have ever heard anyone say that they had no energy?  They wish they  had the energy of a 2 year old kid.  People are going to extremes to get more energy.  Think of all the energy drinks on the market that are totally bad for you!  Red Bull, Monster drinks everywhere!  Caffeine in great quantities is harmful.  Some are even adding Red Bull to their alcohol…bad idea by the way.  It’s also deadly!

Those are some of the things that you should consider when choosing a right product to promote.

You need that  “Grand New Adventure” so therefore; you need this!!!

Stay tuned…more information coming!

All the best,

Wanda Mills


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Information Overload? Some Practical Advice!

Overload - Image courtesy of num_skyman - freedigitalphotosdotnetYeah we all got it at one point or another. It’s like a virus!  We read everything we get our hands on just to learn how to do this internet marketing thing.  We watch a video for an hour and a half and then we watch another video and maybe read a pdf file about how to do this or that technical application.  But what do we do with the information?  Nothing!  That’s what!  We let all that knowledge sit there in our heads until it gives us a headache.

It’s called information overload and we are all guilty of doing it at one point or another in our internet careers.  We are habitual learners and actually love learning.  But the problem is that we stop there.  WE stop with the knowledge and we don’t put that knowledge into actions and thus don’t succeed online.

We can continue just as we have been doing or we can shake things up and make some changes.

Here is what is needed:


One quick cure for information overload is to focus on the task at hand.

When you watch a training video, take notes.  Use those notes to write a blog on 3 key elements that you have learned and can quickly implement into your business.


But don’t just stop there!  Put that information that you have learned into action.  There is nothing like action on a daily basis that can make a difference in your sales.  If you learned a new Social Media marketing technique, don’t just write about it; put it to work for you in your business.


A “Jack-of-all-trades” is usually poor!  Or he will remain that way if he doesn’t master 2 or 3 marketing strategies. Think about a doctor who is a general practitioner and one who specializes in his field; for example a heart surgeon.  Think about the difference in what it costs you to visit your regular doctor and the cost of a visit to the specialist.  The specialists bill is much higher than the neighborhood doctors bill.

Focus on one marketing method at a time.  Master something, until you have some success then grow your sales with that technique.  Don’t move on to the next strategy until you have mastered the first one.  You may even find that you only need one to make a lot of money online.  But I wouldn’t just rely on one strategy because things change constantly and I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket.  And besides what works today may not be working tomorrow.


Be yourself!  You already have talents or things that you are good at…so, just use them to make money online.  Do you have an interest or hobby?  Use that hobby to write a blog about it.  You have a passion and there are others out there who also share that same passion as you.  Could it also be that that same person who shares your love of “that hobby” also wants to learn how to market online?  Golfers might also want to market online.  A person who knits and makes things like a potter may find that others want to start a home business.  Perhaps they just might want to follow in your footsteps and join you in your business.  What a wonderful fun way to build a business just blogging about your favorite hobby.


Many of us have hidden talents that we have not tapped into as yet.  Some might be great at telling a story and writing a blog.  Others might be good at shooting video and on-the-spot recordings.  Still others are great at setting up powerful Powerpoint presentations.  Take that talent and excel at it!  I find that the more I do of a thing the better I get at it.  I used to be horrible at video.  I can even remember shooting the first video and how I had to redo it over and over about 5 times.  Even after I shot the last one, when I watched the video I still didn’t like it.  I have found that over time and with much practice even the hardest things become easy.  I was during that 50th video when I finally calmed down and stopped being so critical of myself.  Excel at what you like doing and you will find a “star” is born!

I hope that this blog has helped you in some way and that you have received value from it.  If you are into blogging I have included a link below so you can get going with a blog that is set up for you already.  I hope to bring you more topics that can help you in your business so watch for my emails.


Image courtesy of num_skyman – freedigitalphotosdotnet

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills








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Save Your Phone Battery!

Cell Phone
















Don’t you hate it when you have that important call and your battery goes dead? Here’s a helpful list of tips to help you save battery life no matter what phone you have!

Turn your phone’s brightness down and disable auto-brightness.
Disable automatic application updates from your app store.
Turn off the vibration function.
Disable location settings like GPS.
If you are getting low signal, whether it be cellular, cellular data, or Wi-Fi; turn it off.
Reduce the timer for your screen time-out settings – auto lock and dimming.
Switch away from push email and move to fetch, or decrease the fetch intervals.
Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.
View the statistics of your battery usage to see where your power is going.
Close out of applications you aren’t using, or restart your phone.
Need to charge your phone in a hurry? Turn the device off, or put it in airplane mode to charge faster. Also, try a compatible charger of a higher wattage or amperage.
Have an extra charger on hand, in your car, office or backpack in case of emergencies.

Do you know any other tricks or tips to save battery life? If you know of any others that we can add to our list…please comment below.

Make it a grateful day,
Wanda Mills
Home Biz Solutions
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Great Minds have Great Ideas!



You got that great idea to finally start your home business. So where do you go from here? Hook up with a team of professionals who can point you in the right direction…and we don’t leave you hanging out there by yourself. Check it out and if you have what it takes we’ll put you under our wings and help you fly!

Check out our Banner ad with the stacks of check in the mail box…that could be you!

All the best for your success,

Wanda Mills
Home Biz Solutions

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Who Do You Listen To? Opinion vs Council


Opinion vs council


Who Do You Listen To??  Find Out the Difference Between Opinions and Council.

Click Play to see how the difference between opinions & council can make or break your business…

Do you listen to people’s opinions when making important decisions that could impact the rest of your life?

Or do you seek expert counsel?